E-shop from idea to success: How to improve UX for e-commerce?

E-shop from idea to success: How to improve UX for e-commerce?

There are two different approaches to improving user experience with e-shops:

Short-term tactics – monitor and emulate the UX of other e-shops

Find and select e-shops that are close to yours, for example, the leader in your sales area. You can also follow professional portals, as many of them publish lists of recommendations for improving the usability of e-shops. Apply the findings in your own e-shop.

This short-term approach is time and cost-effective and therefore ideal for a quick start of an e-shop and often for its further growth. (Note: In the book itself, you can read The Ten Most Common Mistakes in Web Usability in Slovakia and Usability of the Shopping Cart in E-shops, which contain lists of useful recommendations and findings.)

Monitor the impact of changes in web analytics. In addition to Google Analytics, you can also use other tools, such as Hotjar.

Long-term strategy – own UX

As the e-shop grows, it usually turns out that your e-shop is unique in some way, such as the type of customers, product offerings, special services, or customer zone. Then you realize that you have no one to copy from, and so you need to design part of the e-shop or even the entire e-shop. That is the right moment when you can start building your own UX team or find a UX agency partner to start with. It is important that instead of copying, you start consciously using UX methods, tools, and services.

This long-term approach is more time-consuming and financially demanding, it is suitable for the growth phase of the e-shop.

You will build your own UX know-how and your own UX team. You will get to know your customers, and thus your own UX can be what sets you apart from the competition. In both approaches, it is important to continuously measure and regularly monitor the parameters of the e-shop, which can reflect the growth or decline in the usability of the e-shop. According to changes in analytics, you know whether the implemented adjustments and the chosen procedure are successful. 

We will soon bring another article on the topic UX methods, tools, and services. 


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