E-commerce consultant, who helps clients grow and isn't afraid to give criticism #JOB

E-commerce consultant, who helps clients grow and isn't afraid to give criticism #JOB

Can you imagine coordinating a client's e-commerce online marketing as if it were your own? Can you fully immerse yourself in your projects and navigate them excellently? Do you see yourself as a new member of the management team at ui42?

Description of work activities and responsibilities:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the e-shop's functioning from the first impression to the results in Analytics and UX analysis
  • Coordination of the project and individual specialized teams from the arrival of a new client to the setup of all online marketing channels
  • Evaluating GA results and implementing improvements and changes
  • Participation in PPC campaigns, social media campaigns, and SEO analyses
  • Creating and participating in the creation of an online marketing strategy for the future - "The ability to see around the corner"
  • Viewing the functioning of the client's business and associated online marketing as your own business
  • Communication of the team's work and results towards the client

Employee benefits and perks:

  • You will get access to top online marketing tools such as: Magic Script, Roi Hunter, PPC Bee, Mergado, Roivenue, Collabim
  • Our best specialists will share their years of accumulated know-how with you every single day
  • You will work based on a flexible remuneration model, where the ceiling of remuneration and rewards is only conditioned by abilities and work results
  • You will receive hardware and software according to your taste and needs (laptop, phone..), because you know best what is right for you
  • You will get tickets to top marketing events in the field (opportunity to present as well), because your growth is important to us
  • You will have flexible working hours, because it doesn't matter when and where you do it, but it has to be quality :)
  • You will participate in unforgettable company events and weekends, because we know that building team spirit and good mood is important to you
  • Of course, you will be the owner of a Multisport card, because sport is the best for recharging energy
  • Fresh organic fruit, good coffee, and tea are a matter of course in our cozy house at Haydnova 20/B

Field of study specialization:

  • Informatics
  • Mathematics
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Trade and Marketing Management
  • Commerce

Personal prerequisites and abilities:

  • At ui42, we offer you freedom, but we require responsibility and a conscientious approach
  • Be a team player and keep in mind that the best way to achieve your goals is to cooperate with others
  • You should have your own time management down pat
  • Business analytical thinking - "How would I do it if it were my own e-shop?"
  • The key to success at ui42 is the ability to learn new things relatively quickly, to have fast and practical judgment
  • Good communication and self-presentation skills
  • Experience with overall management of an e-shop is a big advantage
  • The ability to adapt communication towards the client to the specific situation and the nature of the client

Our selected best:

  • A strong team of online experts - both in technology and marketing,
  • Comprehensive portfolio of online services (web development, web analytics, UX - usability of websites, CMS, online marketing, e-commerce),
  • In the field of UX, we also engage in education at universities and companies, or speak at conferences.
  • Of course, we have our own usability laboratory, which meets international standards,
  • We are proud of our developed CMS Buxus - a content management system for updating and managing web portals; a full-fledged e-shop system with above-standard features for marketing and effective sales. Buxus is successfully used by hundreds of websites and e-shops today, and thousands of users work with it,
  • In the field of e-commerce, we focus on accelerating e-shops and e-commerce projects, which we do as the only ones in Slovakia.

Our ultimate big picture is to further develop our ecosystem of specialists, where it will not pay off for e-commerce projects to laboriously build their own marketing team. Instead of learning from their own mistakes, they would rather use us as a "supercloud" from which they can draw as much inspiration and growth as they can handle.

Therefore, we need the best people to help us build an ecosystem of specialists focused on accelerating e-commerce projects.

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