E-shop from Concept to Success: UX Methods, Tools, and Services

E-shop from Concept to Success: UX Methods, Tools, and Services

There are many methods and tools for improving user experience. Their fundamental principle is the HCD (Human-Centered Design) method, which ensures that user needs are met in such a way that the final product is understandable and usable, fulfilling the required tasks and making the experience of using the product positive and pleasant.

Every HCD process is a variation of the basic cycle: iterate (regularly repeat) the four stages of observation, ideation, prototyping, and testing.

Image: HCD process

However, it is always necessary to solve the right problem. This means finding the right problem, which is sometimes not easy. Recommended UX practices in the Observation and Testing phases serve this purpose. Finding its solution is often easier. Recommended UX practices are used in all phases, but especially in Ideation and Testing.

The following table lists commonly available UX methods, tools, and services divided into the individual stages of the HCD process.

Image: UX methods, tools, and services

Everyone will gradually find what they need and what suits them best. However, do not skip any of the four phases. If you hesitate when choosing from several alternative options, prefer the one where you meet with the user. Especially when identifying the right problems and verifying solutions, contact with a live user is invaluable. If you rely only on tools and numbers, you may end up spending your time and money on unnecessary activities that do not improve anything.

(Note: In the book, you will find - Some UX practices and tools we covered in the introductory part about e-commerce design, in the chapters on information architecture we discussed personas, content structure design, navigation design, as well as sketching and prototyping. In the following sections, we will go through selected UX practices and tools suitable for the growth phase of the e-commerce.)

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