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Graphic design is the process of visual communication, which utilizes typography, illustration, photography and other visual elements to convey information or ideas. Graphic designers work with various types of media, including printed materials, websites, advertising, and packaging design.

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The goal of graphic design is to create an aesthetic and visually attractive image that presents a product or service while simultaneously strengthening the brand and its identity. A graphic designer must be able to communicate visually without the use of words, therefore it is important that they can understand the customer's requirements and create a visually effective solution. 

Graphic design is an important part of the modern world. It is present all around us, from billboards and advertising banners to product packaging and websites. It helps shape our opinions and behavior and can be used to influence our purchasing decisions, political views, or even our understanding of the world.

The most common types of graphic design:

  • Print design includes the creation of visual elements for printed media, such as books, magazines, flyers, and brochures.
  • Web design (web design) is the process of creating websites, that are visually engaging and functional.
  • Advertising design is the process of creating advertising, that is captivating and persuasive.
  • Packaging design is the process of creating product packaging, that is visually engaging and informative.

An example of web design that we at ui42 focus on:

Graphic design is a complex and creative discipline, that requires skills in the fields of art, design, technology, and communication. Therefore, graphic designers should be able to understand the goals of their client and create a design, that is effective in achieving these goals.

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