Case study

Case study

2019 - 2020

The online shop at sells cycling clothing (tops, tights, jackets, accessories and much more) with the primary focus on team cycling jerseys (BORA, Ineos, etc).

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Originally, it spread over markets in Slovakia and in the following countries -  Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia. After its transfer to CMS BUXUS, the cyklodresy brand stayed in Czech, Polish and Slovak markets. The remaining markets were rebranded to holokolo and the website’s name changed accordingly to, and We at ui42 developed these websites on CMS BUXUS.

Why we began to cooperate

Why we began to cooperate

It was important to find a partner who would be able to handle both marketing (SEO), development, and UX services.

What is the goal

What is the goal


Support the cooperation, set up processes and budgets, restart marketing, set up performance marketing, CoS goals, finish web development, focus on UX and graphic design and make sure everything is ready for the next year.


Growth of existing markets. The expected increase of YOY profits by 100% at set CoS (cyklodresy + holokolo). Continual websites development and innovation.

Perks of the ui42 and <a href="" target="_blank">ui42 digital</a> partnership

Perks of the ui42 and ui42 digital partnership

  • Business guidance and development
  • Google campaigns
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Performance marketing
  • Comparators
  • SEO development
  • Web hosting
  • Tailor-made websites development, continual development works
  • UX audit, design, UX testing
  • Information architecture, Wireframe
  • Web Analytics (GA)
  • Client development and innovations
Key dates

Key dates

March 2019
partnership begins - online marketing - Google, social networks, other
October 2019
transfer of to new BUXUS platform
January 2020
transfer of a to new BUXUS platform

Results of the cooperation and chosen criteria: Results of the cooperation and chosen criteria:

9 websites

- holokolo - SVK, CZ, PL, SLO, ROM, HUN
- cyklodresy - SVK, CZ, PL

2 brands

cyklodresy + holokolo

6 markets

6 language versions

04/2020 YOY comparison - chosen criteria:

Slovak market





Revenues +


Average website loading time

2,85s (-42%)

Average server response time

0,34s (-25%)

Foreign market





Revenues +


Average website loading time

3,25s (-36%)

Average server response time

0,28s (-52%)

The start of our company’s international growth is what made us look for new technological solutions which would meet our complex requirements and assist us with our business’s daily growth using PPC and Facebook campaigns. We found all we were looking for under one roof with ui42. They are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure each of our individual requirements have been met with a proactive approach.

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