2020 is a project of ags92, a company which has been selling products for infants in 3 countries (Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary) since 1992. Since opening their first brick and mortar shop in 2006, the chain has been growing and now there are 12 branches in the Slovak market. The project started its online presence in 2010.

Why we began to cooperate

Why we began to cooperate

In 2016, was looking for a new supplier who could provide high quality technological development. We jumped at this opportunity. We started with the website’s redesign and managed to create a website with such categorisation that allowed it to be of use for its target group - mums. Gradually, in cooperation with Pricewise, we successfully implemented a sophisticated loyalty programme “Spokojna mamicka” (happy mum) and started B2B zone in 2018.

Scope of our cooperation

Scope of our cooperation

  • information architecture
  • UX analysis and designs
  • Connection to ERP information system ABRA
  • tailor-made design via CMS BUXUS
  • B2B online shop
  • Online shop abroad
New online shop

New online shop

The new online shop combines graphic solutions of its predecessor with a brand new categorisation system based on UX analysis. We shared this responsibility with our client, who manually created the categories which we paired with categories in ERP ABRA. This means that 1 category on the website can be paired with 5 categories in ERP ABRA and vice versa.

We perfected the product filter and search with assistance of SOLR technology which makes it easy to prioritise search results according to business objectives, customers’ preferences or inventory availability.

Customers can learn the products’ availability in any given shop to make sure they can come and try the product before they decide to buy it.

Card payments are possible thanks to 24 pay (online payment processing service), which comes with an instant payment feature through VIAMO.

We managed to triple the company’s revenue after moving to CMS BUXUS and we have been successful at tripling the revenue each coming year. Thanks to the highly responsive design, website traffic through mobile phones increased until the ratio was 80% mobile devices + tablets / 20% desktop.

The online shop is a leader in its segment and won a popularity prize in SHOPROKU 2019 competition.

Loyalty programme

Loyalty programme

80% of the website visitors are women, so we decided to name our loyalty programme “Spokojna mamicka” (Happy mum). After registering online or in a shop, a mum gets a loyalty card with her customer number and she will be able to see her points, offers and vouchers after logging in. They will receive newsletters regularly and the whole programme is designed to motivate mums to further visits and shopping. We designed the programme with help from Pricewise, which we connected to CMS BUXUS through API.

B2B Zone

B2B Zone

Online sales to wholesalers have become increasingly popular. ags92 understood this in 2018 so we decided to create a B2B zone that would be easy to control from one interface (CMS BUXUS). 

B2B for Czech and Slovak markets are identical. Connection to ERP ABRA through API is not only a connection to B2C but also to two outputs connected to B2B for both markets. 

After logging in, the clients see 3 prices from the product card:

  • Wholesale price
  • Recommended retail price
  • My price

CMS BUXUS reaches ERP ABRA to get the final price of the product for the particular customer in real-time. However, thousands of different prices used to overload the system, which meant the response time was 10-12 seconds. We wanted our wholesale customers to have the same shopping experience as our retail ones, so we decided to apply Lazy load (technology usually used for pictures loading). We load the website with products and then the wholesale and retail prices and My price will load soon afterwards. Thanks to Javascripts, we managed to shorten the load to 3 seconds. 

Clients can monitor their invoice and order history in the B2B zone and they can rest assured they will not lose their data as can happen with paper based documents.

Cooperation results and chosen indicators

Economic date we managed to achieve together:

Conversion rate increase:


Transactions increase:


Revenue increase:


Website load time decreased to:


There was a need to find a web agency since our company ags 92, s. r. o wanted to expand its activities. We were looking for a partner capable of responding promptly and applying our ideas and requirements on the website. Thanks to the cooperation with ui42 and their flexible content management system CMS BUXUS, we managed to launch a responsive website, personalized loyalty program Satisfied Mother and B2B portal for Slovak and Czech wholesale.  We are looking forward to further cooperation and new challenges. :)

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